Jobs at Journeyman

We aren't currently advertising for any full time positions. However, we're always happy to hear from prospective applicants with an interest in the company. If you'd like to be considered for a role at Journeyman then please submit a CV and covering letter to


Journeyman operates an ongoing internship scheme throughout the year. Placements run for 4 weeks and are available in several different departments:

Footage Research

Every day the footage department receives requests for material from independent filmmakers, production companies, major broadcasters and advertisers from all over the world. Requests can range from the topical to the historical to the downright bizarre. You’d be helping us to handle these enquires by doing visual research in our large archive of films and sending out your results to the clients. You’d also be helping out with publicising new material on our website by editing together reels, writing synopses and taking publicity stills.


We're constantly on the lookout for new documentaries and topical reports, and our acquisitions department are responsible for pulling in top quality content. Helping in this department will involve helping us source and screen new films and assisting with our big publicity launch of new documentaries. There is also the opportunity to help out with script translations and other copy writing tasks, as well as some more creative marketing.


Our technical department is extremely busy, keeping a complex media organisation ticking over. This placement is a great opportunity to get hands on experience of the different technical aspects of film and new media. You’d be mainly helping us to drive forwards the innovative digital media side of the business, working with various software to encode and transcode files for our platforms and helping to develop our sites through designing artwork and uploading new content. There is also the chance to help out with some basic editing tasks, such as subtitling.

Whilst your placement will be focused on a particular department, there is always the opportunity to help out across the company and get a range of experience across different areas of the business.

How To Apply

If you'd like to be considered for a placement then please submit your CV and a brief covering letter, outlining your areas of interest, to