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Haiti - State of Sorrow - 5 min 35 sec [17 December 2012]

Aid fails to galvanise change in devastated Haiti

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Hurricane Sandy wrought an awful trail of destruction across Haiti. But despite the hardships brought on a country still recovering from the 2010 earthquake, the world seems indifferent to its woes.
"Recently Hurricane Sandy passed through Haiti and killed many people, crops were destroyed and livestock killed." Calixte, a blind Haitian, sings of the tragedies that have hit the country one after another. The Hurricane washed away roads, has spread cholera and most damaging of all destroyed up to 90% of crops in some areas. In a country already struggling with a food crisis, it has created fears of mass hunger. The UN and the Haitian government have launched a $75 million dollar appeal for aid, but farmers here are sceptical that they will get any help. "If aid comes to Haiti after a disaster you only learn about it from the radio." Haiti now imports half of its food, but as its people become increasingly impoverished they struggle to pay for imported rice. "I've lost my job. I cannot eat", one survivor despairs.
Inigo Gilmore

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USA - Damage Control - 15 min 33 sec [10 September 2012]

Obama commits to fighting gun law change

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What would you do if you found yourself in the middle of a mass shooting? In the US they're spending a fortune to answer this question for people living in fear of an attack but wanting to keep their guns.
In a country where gun sales are up 20% since 2011, support for stricter laws in the US seems scarce."Most of the time I carry this Springfield XD nine millimetre" says Sharon, one of many Americans who feel that firearms provide safety. As laws remain unchanged, it falls to police and $200,000 training videos to give instructions on how to survive potential shootings. "The goal is not just to nurse the problem, but to solve it," officer Chris Paine insists.

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Syria - Playground from Hell (HD) - 25' min 00'' sec [17 December 2012]

Syrian VP says neither side can win war

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Over 3,000 children have died in Syria's conflict. For the survivors innocence is lost and play is a charade from another life. Through their stories we glimpse into a world no child should have to suffer.
Ahmad has grown wise to the rules of Syria's deadly grown-up games. He calmly recollects how his home was recently searched by the army. "The man said, 'repeat after me: the people want...'. I said: Bashar al-Assad, of course." Age has offered no escape in Syria's bloody battle of attrition. Schools have become military bases, families have been driven from their homes and children have seen parents, siblings and friends murdered. In Homs, a city almost entirely destroyed, three children take to the stage, singing a chant of martyrdom whilst men below sway to the rhythm. At home with a farming family as the sound of shelling grows closer, it is clear why eleven-year-old Yahya "cries out in fear" in his sleep. 5-year-old Malek says she isn't scared of the shelling, but since her father was killed she hides behind her mother whenever she hears the sound. Brothers from Homs break down in tears as they describe fleeing the bombardment of their home and the men with knives who butcher children. "Where is the world?" implores one of the children, his face scraped, his eyes filled with tears.
Hugh Macleod and Annasofie Flamand

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USA - Gunsmoke - 22' min 28'' sec [11 April 2011]

Obama commits to tackling gun law change

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As debate rages over gun laws in the US following the tragic mass shooting in Connecticut, this report looks at the fragile situation in Arizona where heavily armed vigilante groups are taking over.
"One thing we know about gun control is that it has never provided security," argues former Arizona sheriff Richard Mack. In Arizona the majority support free gun laws, with over 100 civilian militias forming in the last 2 years and locals largely taking border security into their own hands. To many in this "state with a frontier mentality", the real enemy is clear: "The greatest threat to our God-given American liberty is our own federal government".
ABC Australia

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