Philippines - The Secrets of Happiness (HD) - 16' min 28" sec (16 September 2013)  


Welcome to Smokey Mountain: a huge garbage dump in Manila. Aside from poverty and malnutrition, the health risks include tuberculosis, lead poisoning and skin disease. So how do so many people living there still find happiness?

"I've grown up as a scavenger and I will die a scavenger" says Manuel, a worker on the dump for 17 years. With high levels of injury and infection, and tiny financial rewards, why do over 4,000 Filipinos choose to stay? For Victoria, family, as well as needing to help and inspire future children, keep her here: "Even if it's hard, we're happy. We're happy because we're all together." The sense of community and simple human spirit means there is still much to live for.

Written, Filmed and Directed by Steve Lunt

Steve Lunt


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