Egypt - Days of Rage - 13' min 47" sec (9 September 2013)  

Filmed in the middle of Egypt's days of rage in August, this report got to the heart of the tensions that erupted into violence in Cairo, providing a close-up look at the country's newly increasing turmoil.

Following the massacre of over 500 pro-Morsi supporters, thousands have taken to the streets in defiance of the military crackdown. "Sisi wants to have massacres to frighten the people and subject us once again to military rule" cries one protester as bullets fly. But just around the corner another local, Ramy Raouf, argues Morsi had his chance and blew it. "This is not a coup. OK?" With the political gulf as wide as ever and Cairo's morgue struggling to cope, a peaceful resolution seems impossible.



(Ref: 5920)