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  • Qatar - World Cup Slaves - 14 min (29 July 2014)

    The Guardian investigates the dark side of the 2022 World Cup. Despite the promises of the hosts to improve conditions for migrant labourers many still live desperate lives in the shadow of unimaginable riches.

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  • Mexico - The Baby Business - 26 min (28 July 2014)

    Surrogacy entrepreneur Rudy Rupak considers himself something of a Hollywood-style dream-maker. Yet as clients of his unscrupulous Cancun-based clinic had the misfortune to find out, he deals only in nightmares.

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  • Ukraine - MH17 Outrage - 5 min (28 July 2014)

    From the crash site in Donetsk to the Dutch embassy in Kiev, now a makeshift shrine to the dead, we see behind the scenes of MH17's crash, examining the political implications and human cost of the disaster.

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  • UK - Sick Chicken - 16 min (24 July 2014)

    Why is poultry making so many people ill? This Guardian undercover investigation exposes conditions inside the UK chicken factories that supply some of the biggest supermarket and fast-food chains in the business.

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  • Libya - The Migrant Trap (HD) - 26 min (24 February 2014)

    More than two years after the fall of Gaddafi, Libya remains on the verge of collapse. Thousands of migrants are flooding Tripoli, attracted by the mirage of reconstruction. But a different reality awaits them.

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  • USA - The Highest Cost - 23 min (13 January 2014)

    Thirteen years after 9/11 cancer cases are soaring among the first responders. After more than ten years of emotional lobbying for federal compensation and treatment their fight is finally gaining recognition.

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