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  • Syria - The Cost of Living (HD) - 26 min (29 June 2015)

    At the same time that ISIL brutally executed 5 men from the UK and US last year, they released and returned 15 European hostages from the same cell in Syria. So why is it that ISIL spare some lives over others?

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  • Europe - The Great European Disaster Movie (HD) - 80/52 min (30 March 2015)

    As a Greek default looms, this powerful film investigates the potential fallout of the financial and political collapse of the EU. Flitting between fictional sequences and interviews with commentators, politicians and ordinary people, it shows us the stakes and the possible consequences of the EU's collapse, and asks: what can we do to save it?

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  • Ukraine - The Divide (HD) - 12 min (29 June 2015)

    Over 6500 people have been killed and almost a million displaced 18 months into the civil war in the Ukraine. With unprecedented access this report takes us to forces on both sides of the ceasefire.

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  • Tunisia - Battle for Bizerte (HD) - 47 min (29 August 2013)

    In Tunisia, ultra-conservative Islamists known as Salafists want the country to be run along strict Koranic lines. Their influence is growing and the democratic government is struggling to assert its authority.

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  • World - Driver Distraction - 5 min (29 June 2015)

    While hand-held mobile conversations are largely illegal, hands-free conversations are still allowed worldwide. But now research suggests there might be more risk involved in car conversations than we realise.

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  • Iraq - ISIL: Rebranding of an Old Story (HD) - 26 min (5 June 2015)

    ISIL is a real and growing threat. But how and why are they so successful? This comprehensive report explores the formation of the group and the process by which it has been funded, armed and equipped.

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