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  • Japan - Return of the Samurai - 24 min (26 August 2014)

    As tensions with China continue to escalate, Japan is ramping up the role of its military as a deterrent power. But many are worried this aggressive posture will lead to a repeat of the mistakes of the past.

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  • Nigeria - Lagos Rising - 15 min (12 September 2014)

    Lagos is the world's fastest growing megacity, riding on a lucrative oil industry and expanding economy. But while skyscrapers furnish the business elite, millions in the city's slums wonder if they will benefit.

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  • India - The Struggle of the Untouchables (HD) - 27 min (12 September 2014)

    India's caste system has a legacy of persecution and discrimination. One of the few hopes for the country's 240 million Untouchables is a grass-roots movement that is changing Dalit's lives across the country.

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  • New Zealand - Kim Dot-Con (HD) - 24 min (18 September 2014)

    Kim Dotcom has always been a divisive character, from internet mogul to New Zealand political troublemaker. But now his former household staff have spoken out over ill-treatment and illegal working conditions.

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  • Fiji - Democratic Challenge - 21 min (22 September 2014)

    Filmed just before the country went to the polls, this report explores Fiji's first election since the military coup in 2006. Will the election bring stability to the nation after years of ethnic tensions?

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  • Ukraine - MH17: Caught in the Crossfire - 45 min (9 September 2014)

    Two months on, the crash site of flight MH17 remains unsecured. With valuable evidence and human remains being destroyed by the conflict surrounding it, this report explores its role in an increasingly dirty war.

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