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  • Syria - The Head of the Snake (HD) - 14 min (26 November 2015)

    As war between the West and Islamic State escalates, little is known of IS leader Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi. Is destroying Al-Baghdadi the key to defeating terror? This report explores the ISIS reign of terror in Syria.

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  • UK - British Supermarket Waste (HD) - 24 min (1 December 2015)

    Supermarkets in Britain make huge profits, underpay farmers, exploit their own staff and cause a lot of harm to consumers and retailers.

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  • World - How To Save The World (HD) - 55 min (23 November 2015)

    As climate change continues to threaten our future, we offer a fresh and positive insight into this global issue by travelling around the world to explore how young entrepreneurs are coming up with creative solutions.

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  • Bali - Meet The Terrorists (HD) - 46 min (5 October 2015)

    In this chilling report, three victims of the Bali bombing in October 2002 meet the terrorists face-to-face. Is it possible to forgive such extremist acts of violence and can the perpetrators ever be rehabilitated?

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  • Israel/Palestine - Fire Lines (HD) - 27 min (27 November 2015)

    The inspirational story of the Palestinian and Israeli firefighters who set politics and history aside and joined forces to battle Israel's worst natural disaster: the Carmel forest fire of 2010.

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