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  • Afghanistan - Exclusive pre-capture footage of Bowe Bergdahl - 5 min (26 March 2015)

    US army sergeant Bowe Bergdahl released by the Taliban in 2014 has been formally charged with desertion. In exclusive footage filmed by Sean Smith in eastern Afghanistan, see Bergdahl in 2009 days before his capture by the Taliban at the small base he was stationed at. His fellow soldiers are filmed questioning the overall purpose of their mission

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  • Italy - Welcome To Riace (HD) - 10 min (23 March 2015)

    Over 60,000 migrants have landed in Italy over the past 12 months. Whilst they are being shunned by many, one small town in the backwaters of Southern Italy is welcoming them with open arms.

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  • Australia - Fighting Indigenous Imprisonment (HD) - 26 min (23 March 2015)

    Pastor and former prison guard Uncle Isaac Gordon has declared war against the scourge of Indigenous imprisonment. He fights to build a healing centre to overcome the Aboriginal incarceration crisis.

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  • Tunisia - Battle for Bizerte (HD) - 47 min (23 August 2013)

    In post-Arab Spring Tunisia, Ultra-conservative Islamists want the country to be run along strict Koranic lines. Their influence is growing and the government is struggling to assert its authority.

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  • Russia - Who Killed Litvinenko? - 25 min (14 March 2007)

    Litvinenko was one of many Kremlin critics to die mysteriously. As key suspect Kovtun agrees to testify, this archive report follows the trail of the polonium found in Litvinenko back to Moscow and its secret service.

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  • Sierra Leone - Return To The Hot Zone (HD) - 11 min (16 March 2015)

    Determined to document those affected by Ebola, health project worker Jo Dunlop returns to Sierra Leone. She witnesses the defiant bravery of the local care units that highlight the immense gap in global health.

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