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  • Belgium - Allow Me To Die (HD) - 52 min (11 September 2015)

    Imagine having the right to choose your own death, even when you're not terminally ill. Should doctors have the power to give a patient that choice? This report explores the world's most liberal euthanasia laws.

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  • USA - Immigrants For Sale - 33 min (6 October 2015)

    The detention of migrants in the United States is a multi-billion dollar industry. With anti-immigration legislation being driven by influential private prisons, immigrants are being detained for profit; bought and sold like products. Robert Greenwald explores the shocking commerce of incarceration.

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  • Bali - Meet The Terrorists (HD) - 46 min (5 October 2015)

    In this chilling report, three victims of the Bali bombing in October 2002 meet the terrorists face-to-face. Is it possible to forgive such extremist acts of violence and can the perpetrators ever be rehabilitated?

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  • Philippines - Where Journalists Carry Guns (HQ) - 8 min (5 October 2015)

    The Philippines is the most dangerous country to be a journalist after Iraq and Syria, with many killed every year for their reporting. Now they are taking matters into their own hands and arming themselves.

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  • World - Access to the Danger Zone (HD) - 52 min (6 February 2013)

    In conflict zones the line between aid workers and military has become blurred. As NGOs are increasingly attacked, the rules that protect them are breaking down. A fascinating insight into the politics of war zone aid.

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