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  • Poland - Pretty Radical (HD) - 16 min (20 January 2015)

    19 year old Paulina has joined the National Radical Camp, perceived as one of the most extreme arms of the Polish National movement. This insightful Guardian report gains rare access to the organisation.

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  • Iraq - Slaves of the Caliphate (HD) - 29 min (19 January 2015)

    It's the story that exposed the true depravity of the Islamic State: thousands of defenceless girls captured as slaves. This emotional expose meets the woman desperately trying to save the Yazidi girls.

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  • Mexico - Cancun Cancer (HD) - 27 min (19 January 2015)

    Cancun, the famous resort and Spring Break capital of the world has become a magnet for mass tourism. But with a threatened environment and marginalised employees, this party comes at a price.

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  • Papua New Guinea - The Manus Inside Story - 25 min (4 March 2014)

    Inhumane conditions, self-harming and mismanagement. These shocking claims about life inside the Nauru and Manus Island detention centres have come to light following a string of high profile testimonies.

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  • Nigeria - The Hunt for Boko Haram (HD) - 52 min (19 August 2014)

    The kidnapping of 200 schoolgirls by Boko Haram sparked outrage around the world. But forces engaged in fighting the group may be guilty of war crimes as shocking as the militants they denounce.

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  • Indonesia - Sex Mountain - 14 min (17 December 2014)

    Mount Kemukus in Indonesia is home to an astonishing Islamic ritual. Every year thousands of devout Muslims arrive to have sex at the holy site in the belief it brings wealth and good fortune.

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