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  • Australia - ANZAC To Afghanistan (HD) - 45 min (20 April 2015)

    The legend of the Anzacs bravery in Gallipoli has been celebrated by Australians for 100 years. But has their inspiring story of war masked a different reality for today's Aussie soldiers serving in Afghanistan?

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  • Libya - The Migrant Trap (HD) - 26 min (24 February 2014)

    For African migrants Libya used to be a Mecca: a place to find work or get access to Europe. But now the workers who come here are trapped in the political, economic and social chaos engulfing the country.

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  • Italy - The Italian Solution - 28 min (24 October 2014)

    Italy's 'Mare Nostrum' mission rescued record numbers of migrants crossing from North Africa to Italy. This report went inside the operation as it was on the brink of closure. A vital background to today's debate.

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  • Madagascar - Chinese Vanilla (HD) - 27 min (2 March 2015)

    Madagascar has seen traditional vanilla farming methods upset by a recent craving for the spice in China. While the Madagascan government stands by, Chinese profiteers wreak havoc on the trade.

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  • Kenya - Inside Out - 26 min (17 October 2014)

    For most people that encounter the Kenyan judicial system, the experience ends in a lengthy jail sentence. Now, thanks to a pioneering project, the prisoners are fighting back against these injustices.

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  • USA - Pill Overkill (HD) - 26 min (13 April 2015)

    Painkiller abuse has reached epidemic levels in the US. Opiods now cause more deaths than any other drug, raising the question: are doctors and pharmaceutical companies acting in their patients' best interests?

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