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  • New Zealand - Kim Dot-Con - 24 min (18 September 2014)

    Kim Dotcom has had a busy week following his revelation on Monday of a supposed ‘extradition plot’ involving Warner Bros and the NZ government. But it's set to get busier as his former household staff speak out over ill-treatment and illegal working conditions.

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  • Ukraine - MH17: Caught in the Crossfire - 45 min (9 September 2014)

    Two months on, the crash site of flight MH17 remains unsecured. With valuable evidence and human remains being destroyed by the conflict surrounding it, this report explores its role in an increasingly dirty war.

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  • North Korea - Celebrity Defector - 18 min (15 September 2014)

    This remarkable story tracks a young woman's harrowing escape with her family from North Korea. Now living in South Korea, Yeon-mi Park has found celebrity and infamy through her anti-North Korea TV show.

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  • Syria - The Second Front (HD) - 21 min (10 March 2014)

    As ISIS continues to capture territory in the north of Syria, FSA rebels find themselves fighting a war on two fronts: against the regime of Bashar al-Assad, and against the jihadists 'stealing' the revolution.

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  • Saudi Arabia - Secret Uprising (HD) - 26 min (2 June 2014)

    In Saudi Arabia's oil-rich Eastern province a 3-year uprising has been raging, hidden from the world. With unprecedented access, this report explores the growing protest movement - the biggest in Saudi history.

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  • Scotland - A Question of Independence (HD) - 20 min (26 August 2014)

    With the independence referendum looming, the Scottish population has to reappraise a 300 year old union. Would severing ties with Britain isolate the Scots or give them the power for positive change?

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