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  • Indonesia - Not Ready To Die - 24 min (20 February 2015)

    As Bali Nine's Myuran Sukumaran and Andrew Chan face execution, we revisit their story to look at the men they used to be and what they've become now. Is rehabilitation enough to halt their executions?

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  • Benin - Deadly Chicken (HD) - 29 min (23 February 2015)

    Benin's impoverished population survive on imported, cheap frozen chickens from Europe and the US. But relying on cast-off chickens is putting local farmers out of work and posing serious health risks.

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  • World - Rise of the Superbugs - 42 min (20 November 2012)

    Rampant use of antibiotics coupled with global travel has led to bugs spreading worldwide. This authoritative doc steps into the lab with leading experts to look at the rise of man-made superbugs.

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  • Kenya - No Sex for Fish (HD) - 19 min (23 February 2015)

    Sex for fish, popularly referred to as Jaboya, is a phenomenon in which women are forced to have sex to buy fish. In Kisumu in Kenya, the practice is subjugating women and spreading HIV around its shores.

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  • USA - Cave Digger (HD) - 38 min (7 March 2014)

    Using only hand tools Ra Paulette sculpts intricate cave complexes under New Mexico's arid landscape. This 2014 Oscar-nominated documentary follows him as he sets out to carve his ultimate creation.

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  • Iraq - FGM Kurdistan (HD) - 17 min (16 February 2015)

    For over a decade two filmmakers struggled to expose the taboo of FGM in their home country. Their harrowing film led to a change in the law, but the practice continues to affect thousands of Kurdish girls.

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