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  • Sierra Leone - Into the Hot Zone - 23' min (26 August 2014)

    The deadly haemorrhagic Ebola virus has wiped out whole villages in Sierra Leone. At the epicentre of the outbreak is Kailahun, a town where aid workers are risking their lives to deal with the crisis.

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  • Sierra Leone - Ebola's Epicentre - 14' min (26 August 2014)

    The Ebola outbreak is claiming around a hundred victims a week and spreading fast. With the death toll rising daily, we head to the heart of the crisis to reveal the human tragedy behind the headlines.

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  • Scotland - A Question of Independence (HD) - 20 min (26 August 2014)

    With the independence referendum looming, the Scottish population has to reappraise a 300 year old union. Would severing ties with Britain isolate the Scots or give them the power for positive change?

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  • Bali - Mount Rubbish - 16 min (26 August 2014)

    More than 10 million people visit Bali each year, almost three times its local population. It is a huge stress on its resources, but with tourism so important to its economy, how can the competing demands be met?

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  • Denmark - European Jihadi (HD) - 30 min (7 July 2014)

    From the streets of Copenhagen to the Syrian frontline, witness the gangster and drug dealer Abderrozak Benarabe's brutal jihad experience as he is smuggled across borders to fight for a Salafi-Islamist group.

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  • Iraq - Inside Isis - 09' min (1 July 2014)

    As ISIS continues to make territorial gains in the Middle East, they are also becoming a dynamic presence online. This report looks at one recent campaign video, designed to disseminate their radical manifesto.

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