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  • Indonesia - Sharia Showdown - 11 min (15 December 2014)

    After 26 years of rebel conflict and the legacy of a devastating tsunami, Islamic fundamentalism is the new force gripping the residents of Aceh. This report gets rare access to the sharia enforcers of Indonesia.

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  • Indonesia - Sex Mountain - 14 min (17 December 2014)

    Mount Kemukus in Indonesia attracts thousands of Muslim pilgrims, who believe having sex with strangers at this holy site will bring them wealth and good fortune.

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  • Afghanistan - To Kill A Sparrow (HD) - 26 min (4 December 2014)

    Despite the Taliban regime's ouster in Afghanistan more than a decade ago, oppressive tribal traditions remain more powerful than law, leaving thousands of young Afghan women imprisoned or killed for 'moral crimes'.

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  • Australia - Gangster Jihad (HD) - 42 min (24 November 2014)

    As the world watches in horror as an ISIS-influenced siege grips the streets of Sydney, this chilling report uncovers the extraordinary life and crimes of Australia’s most notorious jihadist, Khaled Sharrouf.

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  • USA - Missouri Blowback - 13 min (1 September 2014)

    When unarmed black man Michael Brown was shot by a white police officer in Missouri, his death exploded a time bomb of violent racial unrest. This report explores the culture of oppression behind the chaos.

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  • USA - The New Shale Rush - 19' min (17 June 2013)

    In North Dakota, the extraction of shale has enabled a huge reduction in the price of gas. This energy revolution is already shaking the global economic stage. But what are its long term consequences?

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