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  • Syria - Kurds against the Islamic State (HD) - 6 min (1 September 2014)

    As Islamic State militants continue to pressurize the Syrian-Turkish border, their campaign of terror is uniting their enemies. Now Syrian Kurds are heading north, ahead of what could be a decisive battle.

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  • Sierra Leone - Into the Hot Zone (HD) - 23' min (26 August 2014)

    The deadly haemorrhagic Ebola virus has wiped out whole villages in Sierra Leone. At the epicentre of the outbreak is Kailahun, a town where aid workers are risking their lives to deal with the crisis.

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  • USA - Missouri Blowback - 13 min (1 September 2014)

    When unarmed black man Michael Brown was shot by a white police officer in Missouri, his death exploded a time bomb of violent racial unrest. This report explores the culture of oppression behind the chaos.

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  • Brazil - Silva the Amazon Saviour - 8' min (1 February 2010)

    As Brazil's elections approach, Marina Silva has never been more popular. Filmed in the run up to the previous elections, this report profiles the woman tipped to be the world's first Green leader.

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  • USA - Treasure Hunters - 17 min (1 September 2014)

    Over 6000 people are reportedly searching for hidden treasure that a millionaire claims to have buried somewhere in the Rocky Mountains. But their growing desperation is pushing searchers to extremes.

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  • Sierra Leone - Ebola's Epicentre - 14' min (26 August 2014)

    The Ebola outbreak is claiming around a hundred victims a week and spreading fast. With the death toll rising daily, we head to the heart of the crisis to reveal the human tragedy behind the headlines.

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