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  • Italy - The Italian Solution - 27 min (24 October 2014)

    The sea voyage from North Africa to Italy has cost the lives of thousands of migrants. This year, the Italian Navy's Operation Mare Nostrum has rescued record numbers, but how long can they keep the mission going?

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  • Tunisia - Phosphate Fantasies (HD) - 26 min (27 October 2014)

    In 2008, workers emerged from the poisonous dust clouds of Tunisia's mining core to protest for change. Tremors of discontent became a seismic quake, toppling Ben Ali's regime. But what of them now?

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  • USA - PrEP: HIV wonder drug? - 16 min (24 October 2014)

    It's been over 30 years since the beginning of an HIV epidemic which has killed millions worldwide. But thanks to new prevention treatment called PrEP, could the epidemic finally be contained?

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  • Saudi Arabia - Secret Uprising (HD) - 26 min (2 June 2014)

    In Saudi Arabia's oil-rich Eastern province a 3-year uprising has been raging, hidden from the world. With unprecedented access, this report explores the biggest protest movement in Saudi history.

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  • Brazil - Rio's Miracle School - 15 min (27 October 2014)

    In Rio's chaotic favelas, most children receive an education only in violence. But deep in one of Rio's toughest neighbourhoods, one inspirational woman is fighting to provide an alternative.

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  • Iraq - Killing of Mary Awanis - 13 min (21 November 2007)

    As Blackwater guards are found guilty of Baghdad killings, this archive report looks back to 2007's series of high profile shootings and one such case that fueled public anger: the killing of an Iraqi mother.

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