About Journeyman Pictures

For over twenty years Journeyman has distributed and co-produced, provocative, profound and original factual content, working with the top players in the industry.

We're one of the leading independent suppliers of award winning stories to the global theatrical, broadcast, digital and educational markets, and pride ourselves on a position at the spearhead of the factual agenda. With a very successful catalogue covering a myriad of subjects and styles, from award-winning festival docs to hot new investigations and bold character stories, we always keep at heart a central journalistic ethic that goes to the very roots of the company.

After years reporting from dangerous war zones across the world, company founder Mark Stucke began formulating a unique distribution system that would bring a greater return for the valuable copyright he and fellow producers were risking their necks to create. Twenty years on our agenda remains the same: to always be looking for new ways to create revenue for the stories our partners tell.

The combination of interactive web platforms, a powerful publicity system and a strong sales focus means our films target both the market and the consumer directly.

Our direct relationship with Amazon, iTunes and Google allows us to avoid the middle man and ensure that our films are always discoverable and continually kept alive, even years after launch.

In a world driven by ratings and a quick entertainment fix, it is becoming increasingly difficult to get intelligent, international coverage seen. It is a challenge we thrive on. We’re constantly pushing forward new developments to keep ahead of an ever-changing game.

The Journeyman Team

Mark Stucke

Founder and managing director of Journeyman Pictures. At the age of 21 Mark was dodging bullets in the Russian Afghan war, working on his first conflict documentary. In 1990 he established Journeyman and moulded it into a support and sales hub for freelancers operating in conflict zones around the world, establishing strong relationships with all the world's leading broadcasters. If selling short news films was the crucible of his distribution training, the decision in 2000 to focus on documentary distribution and co-production was what branded the company as one of the leading factual distributors globally. Today that expertise has embraced the digital age with Journeyman becoming one of the few factual distributors to achieve direct partnerships with Apple, Google, and Amazon.

Emma Simpson

As company manager Emma’s role at Journeyman is wide-ranging, including acquisitions, sales, development projects and editorial. For select film projects Emma helps with pre-sales, funding and co-production partnerships. Just so long as the office doesn't run out of tea she can solve pretty much any problem thrown at her.

Dominic Keen

Dominic's Journeyman experience began in the bustling technical department. Having stepped into the role of Accounts and Business Affairs Manager, he now uses his understanding of the in-house systems to keep Journeyman's customers and film owners up to date with all our activity. He also flexes his literary muscles helping with weekly promotional copy writing.

Chris Hampson

Chris has worked across content sales since the early days of DVD. With a background in the music industry and factual TV distribution, he has developed digital rights sales, inflight distribution, and ancillary rights licensing for numerous producers all over the world and now puts his extensive experience to use getting our great films out to global broadcast audiences.

Catherine Foot

Acquisitions executive Cat is responsible for all of our documentary releases and promotion strategies, as well as looking after our talented filmmakers. When she's not helping us search for the best new docs out there she can be found somewhere muddy, training for triathlons.

Daisy Schoenaich-Carolath

Daisy handles all theatrical, festival and public screening sales of our docs, as well as some TV sales. She is also responsible for acquisitions of our short form content, and the weekly promotion and sales of our new topical shorts. When the native German is not getting Journeyman films out in to the world she explores London's theatre scene and trains for half marathons.

Lindsay Murray

Lindsay heads up the busy Digital and Technical department overseeing all of Journeyman's broadcast and VOD output. He brings a plethora of knowledge with creative credits including Film Restoration for Tim Burton's Dark Shadows as well as artwork concept for Led Zeppelin's Mothership. Lindsay's passion for legacy audiovisual formats promises meticulous attention to detail for archive production from film, analogue video and digital realms.

Will Glover

Having honed his digital skills as editor of Journeyman's YouTube channel, Will is now the digital department's chief coordinator, working closely with our acquisitions and publicity team to ensure our docs have a strong, synchronised launch across all platforms and their precious copyright is protected. Outside of work he can be found clambering up climbing walls or clearing hoops on the croquet lawn.

Matt Price

Matt got his first taste of the Journeyman library when he joined the team as a digital assistant, helping to bring historical reports and docs to new audiences on our online platforms. He now uses this knowledge of our collection to drive footage research and sales. From the topical to the obscure, to the downright bizarre, he can help you find that perfect shot for your project.

Harry Amies

Harry first began working with Journeyman Pictures in 2008 when he built the online platform that serves all Journeyman's Video On Demand content. With an extensive background in both online and film-making, he now advises on Journeyman's new projects and online media development.

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