Basque Bodyguards

Is this Spain's most heavily guarded city?

Basque Bodyguards Behind the Basque Bodyguards protecting politicians in San Sebastian, as terrorist attacks become more and more frequent.
Over 1,000 bodyguards are employed in Spain, most in the Basque capital San Sebastian. But to escape a bomb blast you need luck more than anything, as local councilor Lizarrga discovered. 4.5 kgs of dynamite exploded outside his window: "If someone had been sleeping here he would not be alive today". Politicians who criticise the armed separatists live under constant threat. "24 hours a day I must accept that someone wants to kill me", says Maria San Gil. As chairman of the Spanish people's party in San Sebastian she is seen as a "representative of Spanish power" and thus high on the hit-list. She refuses to keep quiet, despite the strain on her personal life: "It is very difficult to maintain a normal relationship with your children if you are constantly accompanied by 4 bodyguards."

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