Hand Transplant

This man underwent a hand transplant

Hand Transplant Theo Kelz underwent a hand transplant. This doc follows his extraordinary story.
A former police bomb disposal expert, Kelz lost his own hands in an explosion 7 years ago. After a year long search for a compatible donor, matching blood group, age, sex, race and bone size, this landmark operation is only the second double hand transplant in the world. Kelz is overjoyed with his new forelimbs. 'The feeling when you stroke your wife's hair, when you touch someone, to feel that you have sensation again, it's an indescribable and euphoric feeling'. But although he now has remarkable strength and dexterity - Kelz can write and play cards - it was hard work, both for the doctors and for Kelz. But Kelz has overcome immunology concerns, and almost two thousand hours of cognitive physiotherapy, to return to work in the police force. "I was from the beginning absolutely convinced about getting new hands... with them I will learn to seize life again".

Produced by Mentorn

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