Missing Generation

The children of Argentina's 'disappeared' want revenge

Missing Generation Argentina’s flailing economy is not its only worry; the ghosts of Videla's old regime are now coming back to haunt it, threatening to cause severe social unrest. The children of the 'disappeared' are angry and want to take revenge.
Under the military dictatorship of Videla, thousands of Argentinians “disappeared”, either murdered or left to die in concentration camps. Now the sons and daughters of this missing generation are taking revenge on their behalf. A group of youngsters march through the streets. “Son of a bitch military!” they shout. They stop outside a house. “Murderer! Murderer!” they chant, as they splatter red paint all over its walls. The house belongs to General Juan Pablo Saa, ex-Police Under Chief of Videla’s regime. He has been targeted for a “Scratch” by HIJOS, a group made up of the children of those who disappeared. Nora, 23, is one such person. Both her parents were abducted when she was just 4 months old. She joined HIJOS in order to punish the people who left her to grow up without any parents: “We believe in a social punishment. If they can’t be convicted by law, let their neighbourhood be their jail. Let where they live be their jail.”

Produced by Icaro Productions

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