Afghan 1970's Archive

Afghanistan's liberal past

Afghan 1970's Archive AFGHANISTAN 1970s KEYSHOTS. Originally shot on Super 8. No Sound.
00:03:00: car driving through fields;
00:03:50: men on horseback;
00:04:00: crowd of Afghans & tourists;
00:06:05: man in traditional Afghan dress & sunglasses;
00:06:20: Afghan landscape;
00:07:00: "Bushkashi"/ GoatBall (traditional Afghan game);
00:21:47: streets of Kabul 1970s; cars, bicycles;
00:22:22: street market;
00:22:37: men in suits on bicycles;
00:23:38: Afghan women in bright clothes, short skirts;
00:23:46: tourist haggling with store holder;
00:24:33: Afghan men in jeans;
00:24:48: hotel;
00:24:54: snow-capped mountains; houses on hills around Kabul;
00:25:24: tourist having shoes shined;
00:26:10: village in countryside, street market;
00:27:55: mountains, snow;
00:28:29: camels;
00:28:40: tourist bus driving through mountains; Afghan landscapes;
00:29:55: blue mosque;
00:30:14: women, children & tourists feeding birds (white doves)outside mosque;
00:31:08: Afghan schoolgirls;
00:33:51: food stalls;
00:35:11: cows ploughing fields;
00:36:29: obstinate bactrian camel;
00:38:10: mountains; horses
00:38:40: tourist in car & Afghan man chatting;
00:41:00: women in burqas riding donkeys
00:41:12: Bamiyan (Bamyan) Buddha statues;
00:42:34: cave dwellings in hillside;
00:48:42: snow-covered landscapes;
00:53:28: big Buddha statues;
00:56:03: Buddha cave paintings;
01:00:58: castle on hill-top;
01:04:58: dogfight;
01:14:59: close-up of Afghan women's faces (no veils, heads uncovered);
01:16:06: Blue mosque, pigeons, tourists;
01:21:46: old mosque;
01:22:10: packed camels;

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