King Simeon

The Bulgarian King-turned-Prime Minister

King Simeon Rather than regaining his throne, King Simeon returned to Bulgaria after more than 50 years in exile at the head of a democratically elected government, after a landslide election victory.
He promises to finally lay the communist era to rest, stamp out corruption and drag Bulgaria into the heart of Europe, by joining the EU and NATO. ”These people are children of socialism, they don’t know what the real capitalist system is all about. We’re here to tell them it is good.” But King Simeon has an extraordinary personal as well as political agenda. His father Tsar Boris mysteriously died after refusing to comply with Hitler’s demands to consign Bulgaria’s Jewish populations to the concentration camps. The King reveals that he will be asking Russia to re-open its files on the matter. We provide him with exclusive answers through an interview recorded in Britain with Oleg Gordievsky, the former top-ranking KGB official. This report is a compelling saga of royalty, political intrigue and espionage.

Produced by ABC Australia

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