No Ordinary President

No Ordinary President Chavez has been attracting increased hostility from the Venezuelan middle and upper class and from Washington, who call for liberty and democracy instead of communism.
We go to Venezuela to profile this complex man and ask why the tide has turned against him. . His idea is simple: take from the rich and give to the poor. “This man is destroying the country with hunger and destitution. We don’t want communism, we want liberty and democracy,” yells an enraged protestor as he joins the middle class Venezuelans taking to the streets. The atmosphere is full of hostility and anger, a far cry from the colourful parade the other side of town. “Chavez is the best president. We love him. He governs for the poor.” Chavez’s populist talk of revolution has put him and his supporters on a collision course with the upper and middle classes and with Washington. Chavez is threatening to turn their world upside down, and they’re not happy. What next for the beleaguered president?

Produced by SBS Australia

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