Inside the Eiffel Tower

Want to know how the Eiffel Tower was made?

Inside the Eiffel Tower A collection of material documenting the construction of the Eifffel Tower in Paris France. Includes good archive and GVs of Paris
1. long shot Eiffel tower
2. Eiffel tower with gold statue
3. Eiffel tower with view of Paris
4. Gustav Eiffel with tower
5. tower and bridge
6. tower and fountains
7. base of the tower looking up to second level
8. c/u elevator going up,
9. fountains and tower in the background
10. mechanical reconstruction
11. elevator ascending
12. central compartment
13. ring in centre of tower
14. arch base
15. Gustav Eiffel
16. inside of one of tower’s four legs
17. elevators rising.
18. tip with tourists on either side
19. tower from within the centre, with city in background
20. Tilt down from the stairs in centre of tower
21. arch base in the early morning
22 view of city from restaurant to view of bar

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