Profits of Peace

Sri Lanka's economic struggle.

Profits of Peace Sri Lanka is looking forward to a "peace dividend" to revive its battered economy after 20 years of civil war. The conflict with Tamil separatists in the north has been hugely expensive in both human and economic terms. In the last year of fighting the economy shrank for the first time since independence - one of the factors that persuaded both sides the war had to end. But since the ceasefire in February 2002 the government has predicted rapid growth while both the stock market and business confidence have risen. Even so, it may take some time for any of the benefits to trickle down to Sri Lanka's poorest citizens.
SHOWS: exteriors of Colombo World Trade Centre; interior of Colombo World Trade Centre; Colombo Stock Exchange sign; various of traders on floor of Colombo Stock Exchange; SOT Ajit Gunewardena, Chairman Colombo Stock Exchange; Trading board; SOT Ajit Gunewardena, Chairman Colombo Stock Exchange; various showing war damage of Chavakachcheri; SOT Isabelle Barras, Head Of Delegation, ICRC, Sri Lanka; various of Sri Lanka Development Forum news conference; SOT K N Choksy, Sri Lankan Finance Minister; FILE July 2001: various of burning aircraft at Colombo Airport; SOT Paddy Withana, Chairman Sri Lanka Tourism; various interiors of Colombo Airport; various of Mount Lavinia hotel; SOT Dr Kumar Rupesinghe, Human Rights Campaigner & Conflict Resolution expert, author of Civil War and Civil Peace, An Introduction to Conflict Resolution; night shot of traditional Sri Lankan dancers and elephants; various aerials of Colombo; Colombo street scenes and shopping; various of Colombo docks; SOT Charitha Ratwatte, Secretary, Sri Lankan Finance and Planning Ministry; various of zip factory and women workers; various of wedding of Thanenthiran and Lokeni Balasubramanium; wreck just off shore; beach; group of young men playing football, group of young men playing cards; small boys playing in the surf.

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