Saffron Warriors

Saffron Warriors As the Indian state of Gujarat continues to be torn apart by communal violence, we investigate the new rise of Hindu nationalism that is becoming systemic in government institutions.
A Muslim woman removes her veil to expose horrific wounds to her hands and face, caused when Hindus threw acid over her and set her house on fire. She is just one of many Muslims in Gujarat who have fallen victim to Hindu-led violence against Muslims. But this is not mindless violence; rather, it is motivated by an emerging extremist political agenda - that India is for Hindus. Crowds gather outside the Jagarnarth temple in Ahmedabad, evidence of the emerging wave of Hindu orthodoxy that is sweeping India in reaction against the Western values that are increasingly dominating Indian society. But religious views are beginning to spill over into politics, with organisations such as the militant Hindu RSS growing in popularity. Many Hindus are beginning to talk in terms of "repatriation" of Muslims to Pakistan, and they have support at the highest levels. In a world currently preoccupied with the threat of Muslim extremism, this fascinating report considers the other side of the coin.

A report by Burham Wazir for Unreported World.

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