Human Rights Abuses

Human Rights Abuses Distressing footage of the aftermath of a mop-up operation in Argun, Chechnya
Tape 1:

00.08”38’ - : Men survey wrecked building. Roof destroyed, rooms turned upside down. Rubble covers bed. Destroyed in Russian mop-up operation. Woman cries.
11’05: Bathroom – tiles ripped from walls, bath destroyed.
11’15: smoking pile of rubble; roofs ripped from houses
12’15: I/v Argun villager
13’50: Deep shell hole in ground
14’03: smoking remains of house
15’47: c/u face of female corpse covered in blood; head crushed. Pan down body. Petticoats lifted to reveal deeply gashed leg
16’30: woman describes horrors of Russian operation.
17’24: female corpse
18’00: Muslim women mourn, wail, pray. Very moving.
18’41: Another corpse, cuts on neck.
20’18: bearded male corpse. Shirtless, bandage on head. Legs bloodied and gashed.
21’35: Women proceed to funerals.
21’48: Woman lies dabbeds with iodine on many wounds.
22’05: women describe attacks (Chechen)
23’46: Toddler rests head next to sick mother (covered in iodine)
24’05: Crying women describe attacks
24’40: Another gashed and bloodied corpse lies in room
26’55: Young severely traumatised girl is led in, barely able to speak through deep breaths. Women wail and curse ‘Ruskis’.
28’04: Male corpse, full of deep wounds. Bloodied face. Men describe attacks.
29’35: Two more male corpses.
Male Corpse. Deep laceration to neck. Sweatshirt soaked through with blood.
31’43: Destroyed kitchen. Residents tell of attack.
33’43: totally destroyed building
34’01: Corpses lie rolled in blankets. Villagers gather to mourn dead.
43’40: Helicopter flies overhead, all heads look up.
44’13: Bodies lie in hospital cots
44’20: i/v doctor
46’31: Body lies attached to drip in hospital cot, clutching man’s hand
48’05: Body lies in cot. Blankets pulled back to reveal patches all across lower stomach, which is seriously gashed/burned. Maybe castrated (hard to tell). Leg seriously maimed
50’00: young girl lies in cot, unconscious, leg maimed, dabbed with iodine
51’08: Decapitated man lies on floor. Legs charred
51’26: male Corpse. Leg severely gashed
51’56: torso; whole side blown out. Huge hole, charred around edges
52’10: Blackened corpse, arm forced upright through rigor mortis
52’26: decapitated man, charred stomach
52’34: Corpse with whole side of head blown away.
52’50: woman tells of attacks
57’36: man tells of attack
58’59: women gather to mourn and tell of attacks Women write (signing book of condolences? Writing statements?
01’04’44: Men in military fatigues walk across to dead bodies
05’06: Huge crowd gathers to mourn
05’15: Woman screams for ‘mama’ greatly distressed next to corpse rolled in carpet. Comforted by other women.
06’10: Cameraman films distressed women, interviews survivor
09’27: corpses in rolled carpet lie on stretchers
11’50: END

Tape 2:

15’30: I/V man at funeral
20’27: Stretchers with corpses wrapped in carpets. Man unwrapped blankets around corpse
21’23: Man cries
22’00: Body unwrapped to expose face (for identification)
22’20: Relative weeps. Many faces exposed
27’51: Ransacked bedroom. Cupboards stripped
28’04: Heavily bruised/flagellated torso
28’25: Heavily bruised legs
28’49: Bandaged hands
28’58: Heavily bruised torso
28’00: Bandaged hands
29’45: Smashed VW car
29’55: Huge cannon holes in interior wall. Ransacked house, I/vs house owners
41’56: Woman holds up bag containing tag. (POW/Death?)

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