Christian Rock

Teens Go Gaga Over Christian Rock

Christian Rock Gospel music may be an established way of spreading the Good News but today's young Christians are moving with the times and rocking to an entirely different beat...

Crowds of screaming teenagers wave their hands in time to the pounding music. A woman is carried out of the crowd barely conscious. However this is no ordinary rock festival. Smoking, alcohol and drugs are all forbidden and even the bands are not allowed to swear. Christian rock festivals like this are proving surprisingly effective at attracting new recruits. "Every new member will share their faith with 25 people," claims the Jesus Rock group. Between acts, revellers wander around the tents, picking up pocket gospels and anti-abortion literature. "Christians don't have to be strait-laced as long as they're following the word of God," states a woman punk. "God doesn't care what you look like."


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