Submarines Archive footage of Russian Submarines
'28 Opening shots of boats, taken after world war two
'47 Interior of a submarine and shots of its crew
1'22 Depiction of a crew member in protective clothing and a gas mask
1'44 Dead bodies of a sub after it was raised
1'59 K172
2'31 A torpedo attack
2'45 2 former crew members reminiscing about former life on subs
3'28 Footage of crew members chatting, and smoking
3'55 A torpedo being fired
4'28 Aftermath of the torpedo explosion - on the atmosphere
4'42 Aftermath of the torpedo explosion - on a town
5'51 K19 - a nuclear missal submarine, which was the then 'flagship of the Soviet Navy' - when it was leaving the shipyard.
6'10 Shot of a cemetery
6'32 Russian Submarine base
7'10 Nuclear breakdown of K19
7'56 Underwater missal launched from K19, into the atmosphere
8'32 K19 moored (in Pulogni)
9'01 Underwater shots of a submarine

*SEE ALSO 1452 for excellent footage of Russian nuclear subs.

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