The New Great Game

What led to the defining moment of the early 21st century?

The New Great Game With footage from the precipitous few days before 9/11, this documentary examines the Taliban and their adversaries before and during their rule in Afghanistan.
2001 Beta sp

01.15 Helicopter taking off
01.28 Aerial views of dusty Afghan towns
02.11 Press conference of Masood Khalili, Ambassador of Afghanistan in India, present at the assassination of Ahmed Shah Masood, Defence Minister, September 9th 2001.
03.52 Afghan mountain villages
04.13 Russian tanks in motion
04.36 Russian troops marching
05.01 Islamic extremist groups with guns
05.18 Afghan troops
05.26 Ancient tanks
06.01 Landscape vista of Ay Khanom and the River Oxus, at the Tajikistan-Afghanistan border
06.30 Burnt-out tank
07.18 Russian tanks and troops crossing the Oxus
07.30 Fighter helicopter in action
07.47 Gun fights near Charikar at the foothills of the Hindu Kush Range, Northern Afghanistan.
08.58 Northern Alliance camp
10.24 Taliban prisoners held by Northern Alliance
10.31 Interviews of Taliban prisoners from Burma, Pakistan and China
14.47 Donkeys, tanks and lorries in dusty Spin Boldak, Qandahar Province.
19.13 Twin towers disaster, New York 9/11 (CNN)
20.40 Inside a Madrassa
21.07 Indians leaving a mosque
21.46 Indian Madrassas
24.52 Interview of (late) Commander Masood, Afghanistan's Defence Minister, describing the Taliban's ban on poppy cultivation, and their military tactics. 13 Aug 2001
29.24 Taliban terrorist training camp, Kotli, Pakistan administered Kashmir
32.24 Osama Bin Laden speaking
33.19 Bagram airbase near Kabul
33.46 Decimated buildings in Bagram
35.20 Discarded tanks, planes and weapons
36.03 Uzbekistani temples
37.40 Russian troops and tanks in Tajikistan
39.37 New York skyline and UN headquarters
41.25 Shomali Plains, Afghanistan. Dusty villages and mud-brick houses
42.14 Refugee camps, Afghanistan
44.11 Northern Alliance field hospital, Takhar Province, Afghanistan
44.40 Hospital patients, injured in Taliban attacks
45.56 Northern Alliance garrison
46.15 Afghan mountains
46.50 Villagers in Northern Alliance controlled Afghanistan
47.11 Girls school in Northern Alliance controlled Afghanistan
52.51 Mutilated bodies
53.19 American helicopter and troops
52.54 Aerial pictures of mountains and deserts of Afghanistan from helicopter


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