Hill Climb

Hill racing in Sri Lanka

Hill Climb In Sri Lanka, 4 o'clock tea and cricket hark back to the great British Raj. But one other tradition lives on - the Mahagastota Hill Climb. And as in cricket, the Sri Lankans have overtaken the Brits. Cars of all shapes and sizes shoot up the hill in the quickest time possible.
The calling climbs of Sri Lanka's Hill Country were once as delicious to British colonisers as a warming cup of tea. The best tea plantations are high up here, along with what's left of the hill station town of Nuwara Eliya. Like a misplaced piece of the mother country, here colonial traditions are proudly maintained and even improved. Cricket isn't the only activity where the English are being run out by Sri Lankans. Once a year, Nuwara Eliya's tranquil tea plantations give way to motor heads planting their pedals to the metal.

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