Date Culture in Iraq during the 1920s

Date Culture in Iraq during the 1920s A US department of Agriculture film, looking at the date industry in Iraq. Contains footage of the Euphrates near Basra, and the Tigris in Northern Iraq. A look back at when Iraqi exports were in strong demand in the USA.

01'00: Harvesting dates near Basrah
Arab man climbs palm tree to harvest dates
02'20: Dates are transported from Basra by boat on the Euphrates
03'10: Dates are graded by Arab women in packing shed
03'26: Dates are sent down rollers
03'40: New machine for packing dates is tested
04'18: Dates are pressed by Iraqi woman
04'04: another type of date press, operated by Iraqi boy
04'54: Nailing lids on boxes
05'10: Workers 'in a good homour' dance an Arab war dance
05'38: loading boxes for transportation to a steamer for transit to New York. Boats/dhows on the Euphrates
06'30: Leading date firm tests out new technologies
07'10: Arab women and boys
07'38: Northern Iraq - Tigris River, BP petrol station. Looks very modern
08'40: Harvesting dates, man carries large whicker tray up palm.
10'08: tray of date bunches is lowered from palm tree.
11'03: Picking dates from bunches
11'20: Packing dates at Bacuba, 30 miles north of Baghdad. Men in trad. dress
12'27: end

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