Slice of Life

Slice of Life Biotechnology company Monsanto is determined to foist its GM wheat on an unwilling market. But this could cause an environmental disaster and severely damage the US economy.
Monsanto has spent tens of millions of dollars developing their 'Roundup Ready' GM wheat. But for farmers in North America, the introduction of this wheat could spell ruin. Their crops are reeling from contamination by other GM products: Monsanto is already being sued for the loss of $14 million of organic canola. If Roundup Ready is licenced, the Saskatchewan Organic Directorate claim that $70 million of organic wheat exports will be wiped out. "The European milling industry will simply not buy one more kilo of US wheat if Roundup Ready is commercialised," state Italian buyers. Health experts are concerned about the possibility of antibiotic resistance and the creation of toxins. With so much at stake, why is Monsanto so confident of regulatory approval?

Produced by Greenpeace.

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