Popular Unity: Chile under Allende

Popular Unity: Chile under Allende Incredible archive footage charting the career of Chile's first democratically elected socialist president, Salvador Allende, and his subsequent downfall following Pinochet's 1973 coup.
00:02:04 - gvs poor Chilean village life
00:03:55 – the Chilean flag flying above one of the tents of the shanty town’s
00:05:30 – Chilean leader Salvador Allende giving a speech in front of the Chilean public and press
00:06:29 – Allende meeting and joking with Chilean citizens
00:07:21 – crowds
00:10:32 – bombing of the Chilean National Congress building during the socialist coup
00:10:54 - a Chilean woman being interviewed
00:11:35 – Allende in full military dress, saluting and standing among his militia
00:11:44 – Allende’s militia men taking young Chilean men prisoner, bound and blindfolded
00:12:00 – Allende’s victims piled up in trucks, face down
00:12:11 – a fist held high at a socialist rally
00:12:16 – an image of the Chilean Socialist/Communist flag
00:12:22 – a socialist rally in Chile
00:12:58 – people voting in the 1970 Chilean elections
00:13:10 - the Presidential inauguration of Allende
00:13:19 – Allende standing and waving on a truck driving through crowds of Chilean people to celebrate his inauguration
00:13:30 – early pictures of Allende before he became president
00:13:42 – Allende walking around meeting the Chilean public
00:13:46 – throngs of Chilean people listening to Allende speak from a balcony
00:13:53 – a march/parade featuring Chilean socialist and Communist Allende supporters walking with their fists held high, carrying flags and pictures of Allende
00:14:25 - a photograph of Chilean victims tortured under the Allende regime
00:14:33 – a Chilean crowd singing a nationalist anthem while dates appear, charting the history of the communist and socialist movement
00:15:46 - Allende and two of his ministers pictured in 1970
00:15:54 – crowds outside the Chilean National Congress
00:16:01 – Allende leading a procession from the houses of Congress
00:16:07 – Allende addressing his cabinet
00:16:13 – empty Chilean parliament
00:16:30 – ministers in the Chilean cabinet
00:16:35 – Allende’s militia force parading in tanks through Chile’s main streets
00:16:40 – Allende’s troops marching in formation
00:16:47 – Chilean fighter pilots preparing for take-off
00:16:54 – close up of the ITT building in Santiago
00:17:15 – heads of industry in Chile being honoured by Allende
00:17:52 – members of the Unidad Popular party marching and holding up the Chilean national flag
00:17:55 – close ups of private correspondences between Kissenger and Allende
00:18:30 – the Braden Copper stadium filled with cheering Chileans
00:18:47 – crowds of Chileans applauding president Allende
00:18:57 – Allende at the UN HQ in New York
00:19:04 – Chilean copper mines
00:19:09 – packages of copper bars being hauled across the skyline
00:19:15 – production process of copper bars in a Chilean factory
00:19:43 – a malnourished, starving child
00:20:03 – a poor Chilean family sheltering under a makeshift tent
00:20:05 – a man burying a child’s coffin, funeral
00:20:39 – old Chilean woman hand weaving
00:21:32 – close up of CIA documents confirming that Allende suffered from poor health
00:22:13 – explosions in the Chilean copper mines
00:22:25 – heavy machinery operating
00:22:59 – skilled Chilean tradesmen, mechanics and draftsmen at work
00:24:36 – US military base in Chile
00:26:44 – Chileans rushing out of a copper mine after a major accident
00:27:43 – police controlling protesters in Santiago
00:27:57 – protesters attacking police vehicles by night
00:29:29 – standstill of Chilean transport vehicles
00:29:59 – closed and locked Chilean shops
00:30:07 – Chilean protesters in chaotic, smoke filled streets
00:30:31 – government buildings on fire and rubble filled streets in Santiago
00:31:37 – Chilean miners
00:32:16 – militia patrolling the streets lined with murdered civilians
00:32:42 – Chilean ministers violently debating in Parliament
00:34:14 – wire making factory, spools of wire.
00:36:29 – civilians being frog marched, hands on head by Chilean militia
00:39:33 – Chilean pilots ripping and burning books
00:41:18 – Pinochet giving a speech after his 1973 coup that removed Allende from power
00:43:53 – Chilean being searched and taken away by army officials
00:45:30 – pictures of a Chilean political prisoner
00:45:50 – prison camps in Chile
00:47:07 – a dead victim of the violent clashes in Santiago
00:49:52 – troops searching Chilean homes and arresting civilians

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