Adbusters A collection of TV advertisements promoting anti-globalization and compassionate consumerism
00.00.19: Animation of pig coming out of map of United States
00.00.34: Bulldozer on landfill site, seagulls hovering overhead
00.00.41: Shot of freeway in fast motion
00.00.48: "Buy Nothing Day" poster being put up

00.00.54: Wild-western street pan; horse with boot in stirrups
00.00.58: Close-up of cowboy's face, looking to the right at other cowboy next to him
00.01.05: Sheriff sitting on porch, smoking cigar
00.01.11: Woman looks down from balcony
00.01.18: Shopkeeper sweeping outside of his shop, forced inside by the two cowboys
00.01.26: Sheriff watches and goes to check it out, taking his gun
00.01.38: Stares at the two cowboys, then holds up "Buy Nothing Day" poster

00.02.01: Animation of boy eating a burger and drinking can of Coke (French voice-over)
00.02.15: Same animation: fat boy sitting on globe, still eating
00.02.23: Boy lies on his back, with shattered globe all around him
00.02.25: Graphic of "Journee Sans Achat"

00.02.37: Early ad stating 'smoking is good for you'. Bell-boy calling for Philip Morris
00.02.56: The Flintstones: Wilma smoking
00.03.01: Smiling couple; woman holding packet of cigarettes

00.03.11: Food items forming a question mark
00.03.16: Graphic: "why are you buying your food items from a tobacco company"
00.03.19: Same question mark

00.03.26: Line of men (tobacco company executives) raising right hand, being sworn under oath
00.03.32: Various CEOs stating that they believe nicotine is not addictive
00.03.49: Graphic: "How much harm does a company have to do...."
00.03.52: Graphic: "before we question its right to exist?"

00.04.01: Woman's hand stroking a car, turning the key in the lock
00.04.12: Freeway traffic
00.04.13: Animation of dinosaur made out of scrap metal cars
00.04.14: Motorway fly-over
00.04.19: Freeway traffic from inside moving car
00.04.25: Animated dinosaur collapses
00.04.28: Graphic: "World car-free days"

00.04.36: Alternating shots between teenage boy standing in boxer shorts and teenage girl, naked, seen from behind, with one arm across her breasts
00.04.41: Naked girl lying face down on sofa
00.05.01: Naked girl making moaning noises; it then becomes apparent she is being sick into a toilet
00.05.03: Graphic over the top of naked girl on the sofa looking towards camera: "The Beauty Industry is the Beast"

00.05.14: Blank black screen with "010" in top-right corner, counting down to zero
00.05.36: Graphic: "TV Turnoff Week"

00.05.47: Young infant girl sitting close in front of TV, holding a soft toy
00.06.14: Girl looks towards camera; graphic: "TV Turnoff Week"

00.06.22: Man with head in TV set, struggling to get out
00.06.32: Graphic: "save your mental environment"

00.06.42: Stock exchange scrolling tickers
00.06.43: Close-up of stock-broker on the selling floor, waving his arms in the air; more of the same
00.06.50: Tree being cut down in the forest
00.06.54: Oil bird struggling in running stream
00.06.57: Cancer patient receiving scan
00.07.02: Semi-transparent time-lapse of stock exchange

00.07.18: Split screen: skyscrapers above, mirrored by rainforest trees below
00.07.21: Computer window-style graphic: "System Error-Type 1999 (progress)"
00.07.23: Helicopter shot of freeway interchange
00.07.26: Stock exchange scrolling tickers
00.07.27: Time-lapse of Seattle skyline, including famous radio tower; clouds moving overhead
00.07.31: Time-lapse of Seattle street, with people crossing
00.07.33: Time-lapse of Seattle skyline and freeway
00.07.36: Time-lapse of skyscrapers seen at beginning of clip (the ones used in the split screen), with clouds moving overhead
00.07.40: Semi-transparent time-lapse of stock exchange
00.07.45: Homeless person sitting, rocking in an alley
00.07.49: Time-lapse of people going up escalators
00.07.52: Time-lapse of free way traffic
00.07.54: Shop window mannequins
00.07.55: Polluting discharge pipe (sewage/chemicals?)
00.07.57: Sea bird covered in oil
00.07.58: Tree being cut down in the forest
00.07.59: Stock brokers on the selling floor
00.08.05: Bill Clinton walking towards his seat at a round table (WTO?)

00.08.21: Animation of talking trees
00.08.34: Destroyed forest
00.08.50: Animated trees with graphic: "A tree is not a forest"
00.08.51: End

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