Antigua Easter

The spectacle of Easter in Antigua

Antigua Easter A short film showing how seriously Easter is seen in Antigua and the huge celebration that goes on every year.
01:00:02: Men dressed in roman costumes marching
00:35: Man in roman costume on horse
00:48: Crowd of people outside big castle watching a statue of Jesus go along
01:49: Priests putting smoke over crosses
02:02: Priest saying prayer on street with crowds around him
02:14: Priests putting smoke over crosses
02:41: People carrying a big statue Jesus
02:58: Religious march in a street
03:07: Bell ringing
03:19: Busy street in day
03:31: Big cross outside church
03:35: People carrying a Jesus on a bed
03:51: Placing the Jesus on a big cross
04:22: Crowds around a religious rug
05:00: People carrying the Jesus along a rug
05:21: Dead Jesus statue in a church
05:55: Fountain in town centre
06:01: Candles burning
08:04: Windmill
08:25: Two windmills

Produced by ABC Australia.

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