The Kelly Affair

Blair's Iraq War and the Death of Dr David Kelly

The Kelly Affair The controversial death of weapons expert Dr David Kelly threatened to undermine the integrity of the British Government.
Long faced and withdrawn, the widow of former weapons expert David Kelly makes her way to give evidence to the Hutton Inquiry. Dr Kelly was apparently driven to suicide after being named as a source in media reports claiming the Government exaggerated the case for war with Iraq. The excessive media and parliamentary pressure that followed led him to take his own life. The Government now stands accused of having driven Kelly to suicide in an attempt to protect its public image - the worst case of political 'spin' gone mad. A full inquiry into the Government's treatment of Dr Kelly, chaired by Lord Hutton, threatens the reputation of everyone up to Tony Blair himself. Blair's trusted aid Alastair Campbell has already resigned, despite denying he misled Britain over the reasons for going to war. However, having come to power promising to be "whiter than white," Blair's government may find it difficult to redeem its once spotless reputation.

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