Iran - Fighting for the Future

Iran - Fighting for the Future Despite the recent government clampdown, students in Iran are determined to continue fighting for democratic reform.
At a secret location in Tehran, four student leaders describe how they were detained and tortured for calling for reform. Despite their horrific experiences they continue to defy their government. "We advocate active resistance," proclaims leader Zarezadeh. Fellow leader Sanjari agrees. "We will not give in to this oppression. We will not put one step backwards." The students played a crucial role in securing President Katami's election in 1997. However, when his proposed reforms were blocked, they took to the streets in protest. The regime reacted harshly and over 10,000 people were arrested and tortured. Nevertheless, the student movement has proved hard to crush. The students' greatest concern is the strong relationship between religion and politics. "We want a divorce between religion and politics," says Zarezadeh. Tension is growing as students increasingly believe that reform will only happen with a revolution. They want to call a referendum giving the unheard voices of their generation a chance to vote on how the republic should be run. "If they continue to prevent the young from breathing, a collapse from within will follow with a scream, with a revolt."

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