Hippies from Hell

Hippies from Hell Enter the close-knit world of the Hippies from Hell. These hippies are no breed of Satanic acid rockers, but instead rather straight-laced Dutch hackers, inextricably twined with XS4All and the Hacktic magazine. This is the 80s generation that has substituted the free love rebellion with an onslaught on computers, the internet and modern technology. In this adventurously filmed piece, the Hippies from Hell display their talents and disclose their motivations to the camera. Hacking has its roots in practical purposes, they explain. After having to dissect faulty hardware and needing to rebuild it to improve its performance, it was merely another step to tackling the complexities of computers. But now, as fully-fledged hackers, these computer geeks'activities are no longer constructive and their goal is to destroy. Still, at the hacker conference and the light-hearted lock-picking contest, the participants do not seem like technological terrorists. One man speaks of the excitement of defeating security systems. Is this simply a battle against society? There is the undeniable thrill of demonstrating one's intellectual superiority by undercutting IT giants. Yet surprisingly few see this aspect as central to their hacking. Ironically, their ultimate purposes seem to be social. The Hippies from Hell are renowned for their parties and tight social network. Hacking is their favourite pastime, their party trick. It is an opportunity to apply an intelligence that is cramped and frustrated by a restrictive education system and a wholly unchallenging workplace.
00.28 group of youths around bonfire
01.01 photographer taking picture
01.14 family posing for photo
02.17 selection of hacker books
02.29 blue sesame street fluffy toy
02.30 wires from back of computer
02.31 close up of computer mouse
02.32 close up of computer keyboard
02.33 yellow danger sign with skull
02.39 youths playing on computer
05.01 outside of XS4All offices
05.08 woman going through rotating door
05.23 some pages of Hacktic magazine
06.15 old Space Invaders game machine
07.35 triple filament light-bulb
08.17 campsite
08.59 computer with keyboard composed of pebbles
10.01 hippy party/social inside marquee
13.35 girl with kite
14.37 pool game
15.25 puzzle game with wooden blocks
17.28 fluffy dinosaur toy
21.10 padlocks on table
22.19 lock-picking competition
24.36 spanners, tool board
24.40 soldering iron

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