0.03 portrait of gentleman in gilt frame
0.27 wax busts and trinkets at stall
0.38 old man proudly wearing an array of medals
0.42 woman in headscarf sweeping
0.45 corridor with marble arches and pillars
0.48 old photograph library
2.03 men loitering in streets
2.07 delapidated block of flats
2.24 orange tram
3.05 shed in glade
3.13 snowy mountains
3.18 statue of horseman holding scroll
3.24 geometrically shaped church on hilltop
3.28 worshippers before golden cross
3.31 woman placing candles in church
3.41 man walking in hills with cane
4.07 shabby block of flats in busy square
5.42 view over town with black scarf billowing
6.02 view of smoky city horizon
6.37 brightly painted, peeling houses
7.23 President of Georgia takes a drink at conference
7.32 Crowded tree-lined street with arched building
7.46 Russian newspaper stand
8.18 Square with statue at dusk
8.52 farmhouse contraption with urn beneath
8.55 chickens
8.59 woman puts washing out to dry
9.02 snowy mountains outside house
9.08 mountain village
9.40 peaceful mountain scenery
9.57 donkey grazing at roadside
10.10 house with stacks of kindling outside
10.13 women washing clothes in river
10.32 crowds by bonfire
11.22 house front with wood smoke
11.26 man puffing on cigarette
11.56 rose granite church with silver adornment
11.57 group of men with horse by hills
12.32 horseman riding down tree-lined dirt track
12.39 woman rolling out dough
13.24 tank
13.44 Georgian flag billowing in wind
13.56 man dragging horse
14.01 bizarre sculpture of three men linking arms
14.06 plane/rocket model
14.58 desolate landscape - military runway
15.41 soldiers marching
16.02 soldier aims rifle and shoots
16.08 soldiers leap out of trench
16.13 soldiers run agility course
16.20 running soldiers giving piggy-backs
16.50 row of stationary helicopters
18.25 grounded aeroplanes
18.48 smoggy cityscape
19.10 external machinery tubes
19.20 shed with mounds of sand and wood piles outside
19.23 ewe and lambs wandering among sheds
19.56 huge tubes laid out beneath pylons
20.20 petrol station
20.52 END

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