Keepers of the lost art

Keepers of the lost art On the dusty steppes of remote north- west Uzbekistan is one of the most extraordinary museums in the world. It is locatedin the autonomous republic of Karakalpakstan, from where foreigners and most Russians were barred until the late 1980s. This made the capital, Nukus, the perfect place
to 'hide' tens of thousands of works of art banned by Stalin's regime. Dateline's Kim Traill reports from Uzbekistan on a rare collection of dissident art and the man who saved it for the world.
01:00 Nukus, capital of Uzbekistan

01:50 Nukus museum - collection of rare artworks

02:40 Photos of Igor Savitsky

04:38 Black and white film archive of Stalin speech and marches

15:20 Paintings of Stalin's labour camps

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