PeaceXPeace Footage of protests in Buenos Aires and GVs.
01:00:10 Graffiti on the Banco De La Nacion Argentina in Buenos Aires

00:30 Protestors banging on doors of National bank

02:41 Aerial shot of the Obelisk (or Obelisco) monument, the Plaza de la Republica and the 9 de Julio Avenue

04:18 Aerial pans of Buenos Aires skyline including green copper dome of the National Congress

07:03 The Microsoft Building (Edificio Microsoft) and Business district

10:21 News stand

11:48 Leafy suburban Avenue

13:45 High shot of traffic moving off at lights

16:41 Women protesters making speeches. Socialist, communist flags, Unions.

28:57 Clothes hangers on fence with PFA (Policia Federal Argentina) standing behind

33:55 Designer shops, boutiques (Versace, Botticelli) in Buenos Aires in Recoleta

38:31 Shanty town, Buenos Aires

52:32 Ballot boxes, queues, people voting

54:55 Shots of river, Buenos Aires

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