Rwandan Genocide

Rwandan Genocide Special Assignment takes a look at the genocide in Rwanda and where those who were responsible are now.
04:56:16 National University of Rwanda Butare

57:17 High shots of Butare

57:42 Jean Kambanda - former Prime Minister of Rwanda, 1994 inciting racial hatred in Butare

58:06 Doctor Patrick Mazimhaka - Minister of State for Rwanda

59:20 Roman Catholic Church Butare

59:11 Group shot of Kambanda with his government

05:00:29 Refugees in Zaire 1994

00:53 Aerial shots of Cape Town

01:00 University of the Western Cape

01:49 Dr. Mugabo

02:52 Kigali Central Prison

03:07 Genocide accused, Military Court

04:13 High shot of Algiers, Algeria

04:25 Cafe, Algiers

04:30 Street shots, Algiers

04:49 International Tribunal, Arusha, Tanzania

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