Of Shame and Coffins

Of Shame and Coffins A short film about the Aids epidemic in Kwazulu-Natal province, South Africa. This plague is ruining the province. Not only are the numbers of deaths increasing exponentially but those taken ill are stigmatized. Worried about being ostracised, harrassed, attacked and even murdered by their communities, many sufferers and their family members keep the disease a secret. Mortuaries have become overloaded and undertaking businesses have burgeoned. Maziar Bahari tells Kwazulu-Natal's story through interviews, statistics and footage of lively church scenes, hospitals, mortuaries, undertakers and funerals.

Interview with HIV+ victim whose husband died of Aids.

Interview with sister of women beaten to death for being HIV+.

Interview about teenage sex with 16 year old orphan whose parents died of AIDS.

Interview with school teacher who sees Aids as a punishment from God.

Interview with man with AIDS, shunned by his brother.

Interview with co-owner of undertaking business.

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