The Hillbrow Blues

The Hillbrow Blues The film follows the Hillbrow police force on patrol in one of South Africa's most dangerous precincts over several days, from routine street patrols to special operations.
03.06 - Police inspection and briefing at Hillbrow police station
04.10 - Nightime police blitz on one street in Hillbrow involving 300 officers
04.58 - Police stop and search suspects in pool club
06.16 - Shots of suspects behind bars of police van showing ID photos to cameraman
06.24 - Off-duty police officer arrested for drinking in possession of his service pistol. Shots of other confiscated firearms.
07.16 - Groups of suspects sitting on floor of police station
07.49 - Suspects offering bribes to Inspector Richard Hills
09.13 - Police support council clean-up operation, removing vehicles from illegal workshops.
11.14 - Police investigate at scene of assault at Purple Fly nightclub
13.39 - Police search everyone at nightclub for possession of drugs
14.22 - Confiscated drugs
16.00 - Murder scene
18.28 - Officers Hills and Kokkies De Jager solicited by sex-workers in bar at Dorchester Hotel.
19.09 - Manager arrested for contravention of Liquor License Act
20.11 - Police search rooms in hotel
24.10 - Police search 'bombers' for spark plugs to prevent smash and grab attacks on cars.
24.58 - Hills frisks suspects in stop and search arrest
26.20 - Hills and De Jager search tunnel
26.42 - Inspector Elvis Godi at home with his family.

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