32 Batt of SADF

The 32 Battallion of the South African Defense Force passing out parade.
8'50 Troops on Parade
9'30 Troops marching
10'55 White family onlookers
11'25 Raising the flag
12'30 Receiving medals
14'35 Battalion commander making speech
15'30 Unveiling plaque
16'00 Band playing
16'40 Marching with flags
25'00 Awarding medals
26'40 Troops marching and singing
28'55 Tank in the field
30'22 Raising aerial
30'40 White soldier at camp
31'00 Personel vehicle moving across salt flats
32' Personel vehicle in field at dusk
32'50 Soldiers camp
33'50 Soldiers inside military vehicle
34'45 Loading magazine
35'30 Soldiers shaving

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