Below the Rainbow

Below the Rainbow The brutal murder of Xolani Jodwana reveals the perils faced by South Africa's street kids. The country is still failing its most vulnerable members of society.
"They don't treat us like people, like human beings. They treat us like dogs," states one streetkid. Many have fled violent homes only to end up on the streets. The murder of Xolani Jodwana by a man who accused him of breaking into his car, came as no surprise to Xolani's street friends. They claim they're frequently assaulted by security staff, who falsely accuse them of stealing. "They take you round the corners and they beat you so the people can't see what they do to you," explains one. Only one girls shelter exists in Cape Town and children's homes are full. Now NGO workers are calling on the government to build more shelters and do more to help the country's street children.

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