Congo Archive

Congo Archive Footage from 1960/1, immediately after Congo's independence from Belgium, and featuring good shots of Lumumba and Mbuto, as well as a rare riot at the UN in 1961.
Congo, Leopoldville Lumumba Seized -- Followers Threaten New Congo Upheaval

Lumumba with hands tied held in truck.
Mobutu forced to eat speech.

Riots At United Nations.

Lumumba with President Kasbubu at Congo independence Day celebration
King Baudouin of Belgium arrives
Lumumba at U.N.
Shot of Mobutu (repeat of footage of Lumumba)
Interior of UN as Amb. Stevenson speaks (his first address in UN).
Fighting breaks out

President Mobutu celebrates anniversary - military parade men and equipment.
speech continues.

Rioting and army mutiny follows independence in Belgian Congo, UN troops arrive, pro-Communist Premier Patrice Lumumba seized by forces of Colonel Mbutu

Also contains footage of early Boeing plane, an old boxing match featuring footage of Cassius Clay (Muhammad Ali), old fashion show, plane crash

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