Last Man on Manus Island

Last Man on Manus Island Australia's tough immigration policies are exemplified by the case of Aladdin Sisalem, a Palestinian refugee who was dispatched to Manus Island when he appealed on his arrival in Australia for asylum. Manus Island is outside Australian borders, but immigrants without a legitimate claim to asylum in Australia are routinely dispatched there. When Aladdin arrived at Manus detention centre, there were about 150 people inmates. Now they have all left, and he is alone with nothing to do and no one to see except prison guards and a solitary cat. Punctuated with some stunning views of the surrounding countryside, Dateline interviews some of the key players who can shape Aladdin's future, including his Australian lawyer, and the Australian minister responsible for immigration and cultural affairs. For Aladdin, meanwhile, the outlook remains bleak, and he admits to deteriorating sanity even as he spends his days using his computer to try to find a way out of this most unusual and life-sapping of situations for a refugee in the twenty-first century.
02'00" meeting with gate guard in a car
03'40" meeting with Pakistani refugee, Aladdin Sisalem
04'14" interview with Aladdin
05'00" Aladdin in his room, on computer
06'30" Aladdin greets cat
07'20" Aladdin speaks about suicide
07'42" Eric Vadales speaks about Aladdin's situation
08'42" shots of Manus centre, the sea, Aladdin
08'54" map of region
10'54" Aladdin talks about original arrival in Australia.
13'20" interview with immigration and cultural affairs minister, Amanda Vanstone
14'03" interview with Vadales
14'30" letter to Sisalem
15'34" interview with Vanstone
16'30" locals outside detention centre playing football
16'40" interview with local woman
16'53" football match shots
17'12" interview with Vadales
17'30" Aladdin speaks about manager's fears for his safety if he left.
17'50" PNG foreign minister with colleagues
18'02" PNG foreign minister interviewed
18'49" interview with Vadales
19'03" interview with Vanstone
20'05" Aladdin on the telephone to his family
20'20" Aladdin speaks about his family


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