Helen Roberts - Visionary

Helen Roberts - Visionary 'Helen Roberts - Visionary' follows the remarkable story of an English woman who opened a clinic in Kwale, a rural district of South West Kenya. It now provides eye-care facilities for 500, 000 people. What started out as a hut ten years ago, has developed into a major eye hospital through the drive and commitment of its instigator, known to everyone as 'Dr. Helen'. With commentary by Joanna Lumley here is the remarkable story of a women who has so far given sight back to over 3000 people. From 7am until 4pm she works at both the administrative side and the demanding practical side of the clinic. When not in the clinic Helen goes into the bush to visit patients and cover the screening of potentially blind people in remote areas. Despite her desire to help, many are suspicious and don't attend the clinic. Binti Shee Kiwi is 18 years old and totally blind in her left eye. Despite getting as far as being brought into hospital for surgery, her father changes his mind at the last minute, and takes her to a traditional healer instead.

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