The Trouble with Katrina

The Trouble with Katrina The world watched on as the people of New Orleans struggled to survive in the wake of hurricane Katrina. Looking at the effects Katrina has had on its victims, this documentary attemps to see why it took so long for help to arrive.
*Wind and rain blowing trees
*Aerial shot of flooding
*Traffic jam of people leaving
*Queues outside superdome
*Army truck moving through street damaged by Katrina
*People walking through water
*People on a roof with 'help us' sign
*People outside convention center
*Aerial shot of flooding
*Aerial shot of people outside superdome
*People in wheelchairs/beds outside superdome
*Aerial shot of people outside superdome
*Dead bodies outside convention center
*People getting on coaches out of knee-deep water
*People outside convention center

Speaking with victims, aid workers and an ex-FEMA official, we are shown the devastating effects of a government's failure to act quickly in a time of national crisis.

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