For the Future of a Child

For the Future of a Child High-Definition documentary of an orphanage in Cambodia which takes care of kids who grow up in dumps in Phnom Pehn. Set up by a French couple, it strives to provide the children with a better future.
01.30 Interior of camper van/caravan
02.00 Camper van travelling through fields, highways.
04.28 Fire in Phnom Penh dump, Cambodia. Shots of rubbish dump, people sifting through it.
07.33 Little girls' dance performance
11.20 Beach, sea, seagulls
13.23 Ricksaws, busy city scenes
14.47 Big rubbish collectors
15.21 People picking up rubbish at dump
16.42 Shots of children eating communal meal
18.25 Stills of builders building a house
19.18 School children
24.00 Classroom shot


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