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Home Cine Film Old cine films of family footage in UK, Italy and Morocco
10:00:00:00 At the beach
10:08:31:24 At the pool
10:14:16:02 At the airport
10:14:29:02 Old ladies in front of a house in Cambridge
10:14:52:16 Mum pushes her child sitting on a toy
10:15:40:14 Family in Italy
10:20:03:06 Hicking in the mountain
10:23:00:18 A cable car
10:24:39:04 Tennis court with people playing
10:26:52:07 Tennis tournaments
10:31:23:14 Green bowling
10:32:37:17 Woman holding a pack of "Tide", followed by kids eating ice-cream, family going fishing with nets
10:33:32:17 Brother and sister in the garden
10:33:53:14 Morocco
10:42:06:22 Tractor gathering the harvest
10:42:48:09 Residential street with kids stepping in an old-fashioned car
10:43:29:08 Family on a boat trip
10:45:26:23 Ice skating
10:45:51:18 Bride coming out of house with family
10:47:39:17 King's college Cambridge and King's parade
10:48:29:21 Punting on a river
10:49:16:12 Trinity Cambridge
10:50:19:05 Athletic games
10:51:44:15 Young girl with her dog
10:53:28:24 Picnic with family
10:54:16:18 Fun Fair


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