SBS News September 12, 2001

SBS News September 12, 2001 This is SBS news on the the day after September 11 and features shots taken during the events and commented by South Korean journalists.
key shots:

19:42 news presenters
20:11 CNN footage of 9/11, plane crashing into Twin Towers
20:43 animation of where the planes took off and their destination
21:36 World Trade Centre collapsing
22:09 the Pentagon after the attack
23:41 cloud of dust filling the street
23:53 people covered with dust
24:35 people in a state of shock coming out of the Pentagon
29:07 then Mayor of New York Giuliani in press conference
29:19 fire-fighters helping people to get out
30:56 search for survivors in the night
32:43 people jumping off the towers
36:28 President Bush in TV address
38:28 US soldiers in training
40:43 Al Qaeda training camp
40:56 Bin Laden in Afghanistan
41:46 terrorists training to shoot on screened pictures of US presidents
44:22 casualties lifted into an ambulance
49:48 dramatised visualisation of the planes being high-jacked
52:05 Arabs burning a US flag

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