Inside Kosovo

Inside Kosovo This film provides recent footage of the Kosovo region juxtaposed with archive footage of the conflict. It also features interviews with families that were left scarred by the war.
02:02 - old woman at kneeling near a grave of a relative
02:22 - close up of a boy's tombstone
03:11 - archive of refugees in trucks
03:30 - (archive) crowd of refugees with their belongings
03:38 - (archive) a man and his family in tears driving away
05:33 - (archive) children crying
07:10 - (archive) trucks and refugees at sunset
09:15 - panoramic shot of the countryside
09:38 - (archive) tank of the KFOR making a U-turn
09:43 - (archive) burning houses
13:00 - destitute family doing household chores

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