In Search of a Miracle

In Search of a Miracle Naive and desperate people all over the world are being exploited with the promise of a 'miracle' from God. This short film follows a 3 day event showing the pastor Benny Hinn's live event to 'cure' his audience with the promise to change their lives. Many are sceptical, including a Catholic priest who warns against these 'con men' who earn in excess of $100 million dollars a year from poor fraught people who struggle to make ends meet living off a dollar a day. How can these people get away with giving false hope, empty promises and fake miracles?
00.03.00 - Shots of crowds of people cheering Benny Hinn on stage in white suit.
03.45 - Bustling street scenes of Lagos, Nigeria.
04.45 - Fishermen and Women in their canoes in the Macobo slum in Nigeria.
05.15 - An amazing long shot of the slum showing the homes on stilts and the fishermen in their boats.
05.15 - Shots of street sellers on the market roads.
05.58 - Footage showing numerous billboards, advertisements and banners promoting the new miracle healers and fake pastors and priests promising prosperity for a fee.
07.06 - One of Lagos's catholic priest's warning of the con men using religion and the population's desperation to manipulate their audience to empty their pockets.
07.50 - Shots of Benny Hinn on his own TV show.
08.35 - Shot of magazine cover with Benny Hinn on the front.
13.45 - Shots of people going to the show including shots of people in wheelchairs, handicapped and blind people.
15.00 - Shots of thousands of people in the audience who have come to see the show.
15.40 - Undercover shots of Benny Hinn arriving via helicopter.
16.00 - Shots of Benny Hinn 'preaching'
17:03 - Footage showing money being collected from the audience where most of the people have to live off $1 a day.
17:50 - Hysteria in the audience. People screaming, crying, praying and having fits.
19.00 - Shots showing an alleged disabled woman now suddenly able to walk. A miracle!
20:00 - Shots of President Olusegun Obasanjo at a press conference.
24:04 - Footage showing the 'forgotten' members of the audience who remain as they were, unhealed and un touched by a miracle.

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