Black Albinos

South African albinos are being shunned from society

Black Albinos Shunned even by the victims of apartheid, black albinos in the new South Africa continue the daily struggle of living their lives.
Human Geneticist, Jennifer Kromberg, is acutely aware of the problems faced by these social "aliens". Skin problems, cancer, eye disease and impotence are everyday ordeals when you're an albino. Often sent to schools for the handicapped or blind, albinos find themselves marginalized within a society already facing hardship. Having recently discovered the chromosomes responsible for this genetically inherited anomaly, scientists can now detect the exact defective gene. Anthony Ngwenga, of the Albino Organisation, helps these misfits assimilate themselves into society by organising seminars to banish myths that albinos are the product of incest or unable to die properly. Young mother, Mamoketi, cuddles her pale two year old son who wears a blue sunhat to protect against the harsh UV rays. With no albinos in her family, she was "shocked" when she gave birth to one. But hopefully with this new awareness campaign, her son's life will be easier than that of previous albino sufferers.

Produced by Marion Mayor-Hohdahl

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