Spanish Inquisition

Spanish Inquisition Allegations have circulated for years that the Spanish police are regularly torturing ETA suspects. Now, these claims have been backed up by the UN. We hear from some victims.
On January 17, 2002, Susana Alesanco's life fell apart. "Lots of cops entered my home carrying machine guns. It was like a scene from a movie." Suspected of being a member of ETA, she was detained and tortured. "They kept me naked, threw water on me, applied electricity to me." She was also asphyxiated, deprived of sleep and sexually assaulted. Her story is not unique. "Suspects will be softened up through torture to sign the statements the government wishes them to make," states the UN's special rapporteur on torture, Theo van Boven. But the government denies all allegations and has renounced the UN's report.

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