Great Depression

Great Depression Images of the Great Depression 1900 - 1920.
220454 00:46:00 - 00:55:46 USA 1900s - 1920s b/w Si
Challenge of Change Reel 1
Deals with social change from 1900 through WWI and after.
Military parade on wide avenue, top shot, people on roofs watch, Taft in office signs document (1915). Wide, busy street w/ traffic, horse-drawn carriages, buses, pedestrians. Other busy street w/ only pedestrians, v. grainy. Street with heavy traffic of mostly horse-drawn vehicles, bus.
Ca. 1900: Women factory workers with female supervisor. Men at forge. Miners with frontal lamp. Women factory workers clock in to work. Factory floor top shot. Immigrants (?) off boat with luggage. Statue of Liberty. Rows of women at work in factory. Coal workers (?). Track on market stalls in immigrant area of city. President Wilson? Etching soldiers shooting crowd at barricade & scenes of social upheaval. Sign "Dept of Labor". Man takes books out of horse-drawn carriage into dept of Labor, carries books inside office. Photograph of Archduke Ferdinand with wife and news headlines re assassination. Cannons fire. Headline "Lusitania sunk by sub", Lusitania sinking. Wilson & Headline 'US declares War!". Troops march in front of Capitol & headlines "Yanks are coming!". Soldiers out of trenches, explosions, planes, tanks.
Inside Dept of Labour office. Various factory workers and women carrying flags, patriotic parades, crowds celebrating, sailors dance. Returning soldiers on deck of ship wave, troops disembark.
Man interviewed for job. Cotton-picking. Sewing factory. Steel works? Sports stadium, stand full. Man hanging out of plane. Black jazz musicians. Man and woman dancing 1920s dance, women dancing. City with neon lights. Top of RKO cinema? Sewing factory floor. Elegant dancing and dining place. Women dancing with collapsing drunk men. Car headlights, gun firing in night, man shot (too brief) Pilots into plane, takes off. Celebration in city street, air full of confetti, young man at microphone. CU money changing hands at bank. Riots. Dirty children in work clothes. Manufacturing car bodies. Production lines. Cars out of garage or factory. Sports (cricket?). 10 women in office typing. Board room meeting. Garment factory, sewing. CU men workers. Stock market. Plane landing through panel, acrobatics. Soup kitchen. People queuing out of bank? Deserted industrial landscapes. Track in ghetto market street with stalls. Soup kitchen, old woman served. Poor city children jump rope. President Roosevelt swears oath. Poor farmers family eating outside with 9 children. Offices w/ secretaries, soup kitchens. Official party stands around man signing document at desk. Poor farmers family on doorstep. People on porches in small town. Miners into tunnel , superimposed titles: Social Security Act; Wage and Hour Act.
Car manufacturing. Rural poor family in makeshift house, beds outside/ superimposed title: Unemployment compensation. Labourers shovelling & superimposed title: 8 Hour day. Dirty working children group photo & superimposed title; Outlaw Child Labor. Exterior factory w/ smoking chimneys & title; Wagner Act. Men in street with 'Strike" signs around neck. Board meeting
Mostly very brief shots. Poverty. Industrialisation. Depression

221078 13:11:35 - 13:13:14 USA 1904 B/W Si
The Westinghouse Works - Coil Winding Section E
Rows of women in factory seated at machines - overhead lighting visible. Male supervisor walks down aisle.

221078 13:13:19 - 13:16:48 USA 1904 B/W Si
The Westinghouse Works - Tapping a Furnace
Two male workers guide a giant open-topped container hanging by a hook down a furnace hole. The substance in the container catches fire and gives off sparks and smoke as various workers and supervisors hover in the background. One worker stokes the fire in the container with a long pole.

221078 13:16:54 - 13:21:00 USA 1904 B/W Si
The Westinghouse Works - Casting a Guide Box
Molten metal poured from one giant container into another - half a dozen male workers. One worker turns a large wheel to tip over the container - burning liquid pours out on both sides of receiving container, causing fumes to erupt. Pouring stops and the wheel is turned back - pouring container lifted away. Two men stand on top of the receiving container, stoking its contents.

221196 13:06:40 - 13:16:23 USA 1916; 1920s B/W SIL
[Highland Park Assembly Line, '20s; Wilson, Ford & Ferris, 1916; Crowds; Model T; Plane; Driving]

13:06:40 1920s Highland Park assembly line w/ overhead conveyor of parts; & Black & White workers moving engine & transmission castings on waist high conveyor. Camshafts & other parts hanging & moving past men assembling engine blocks, turning at end of assembly w/ transmission mounted; put on another conveyor. Fenders past hanging from overhead conveyor. Chassis, attaching engine & brakes. Radiator & steering column added & sedan body lowered. Model T's driven off assembly line & out of plant.

13:09:15 ca 1916 President Wilson w/ Michigan Governor Ferris & Henry Ford out of building w/ VIPs and crowds, strawhats, flowers & flags. Posing.

13:10:17 Crowds surging through entrance and alongside factory building seen from overhead. Some waving up at camera. Mostly men. Lower camera, men waving caps. US flag on pole, women carry umbrellas for sun. Assemblying outside factory w/ bunting for Wilson. Wilson in open car surrounded by many people.

13:11:57 Ext. Model T chassis & motor on assembly line & crank started by man w/ machine.

13:12:46 Interior of large engineering hall w/ drafting tables; Int. of machine tool room w/ machinists. Both spaces lighted by overhead roof windows.

13:13:07 CU of gears at rear axle. Transmission shifting mechanism shwn working. Interior of engine.

13:13:41 Airfield and large single engine biplane tw/ twin cockpit taxiing up. The Air Service Needs You barely visible on side. Pilot out and walks toward camera unbuttoning heavy coat.

13:14:26 CU Pres. Wilson & others in top hat.

13:14:34 Ext. of factory w/ horse drawn wagon & trolley past.

13:14:45 ca 1916 Two men in open sedan by waterfall. Canyon w/ road in bottom and several open touring cars pst, seen from above. Women & men walk along.

13:15:25 1916(?) safety film clip. Soft focus. Car nearly hitting pedestrians, policeman pulls over.

13:15:45 Two women driving convertible, man in convertible past, others thru residential area w/ wide streets.

220677 12:04:08 - 12:16:58 Russia / USSR 1920s ? B/W SD

Scenes of construction & output at Magnetogorsk industrial complex w/ rousing music, dialogue & industrial sounds. Good CUs of lift going up, various machinery, high angle of locomotives and factory.

12:04:42 Group of workers in line, ramming steel rod into cylinder - something bursts, steam in the air, fire & sparks pour out, all men step back. Construction site seen from various angles.

12:05:53 High angle stemming liquid poured in to big cylinders and taken away.

12:06:06 Workers inside construction, cooled down cast iron plates, poured onto carriages & away.

12:06:34 Very unusual shots moving through futuristic model of industrial complex w/ miniature tanks off production line, goods along railway lines, steel parts propelled from blast furnace by rail, machinery.

12:07:51 General views of Magnetogorsk showing workers arriving, smoking chimneys, traffic through complex, locomotives, goods trains, huge machinery etc. Workers on construction site w/ shovels; siren signals time for break. Cement poured down chute. Women workers pass bricks along line. CUs riveting huge metal construction.

12:14:29 Foreman talks to workers in English - "Good morning...what have you done yesterday" - then speaks to them in Russian - look at blueprints. Workers on scaffold inside steel funnel construction. Worker checks rivets.


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