Nagasaki/Hiroshima Hiroshima Aftermath 29Mar 1946
The last Bomb, pt. 3
Civilian Victims - aftermath of Hiroshima
Inside the Enola Gay
Physical Damage, General View
Army Air Forces - Pacific
Actual Atomic Bomb Hit on Nagasaki

07:30:35 - 07:39:26 1946 Si Col

Hiroshima Aftermath 29Mar1946

Various shots devastation following explosion of Atomic bomb. Flattened buildings. Shells of buildings left standing. Part of statue - 07:34:57 Japanese with boxes of ashes, interior shots - exterior Japanese men, women and children scavenging in ruins for bricks and tiles bowls.

07:37:37 Japanese woman places flowers on grave - shrine ? Japanese girl walks by with bandaged head. Locals entering and leaving building. Man pulling hand cart loaded with ?. Cameraman Harry Mimura

220436 02:06:15 - 02:14:54 1945 Sd Col

The Last Bomb, Part 3 - colour

Fighter plane making run over dock area, strafing ships in harbour and at sea. P-51s in formation flight. Fighters returning after mission, coming in to land making Victory rolls on airfield at Iwo Jima. Ground crew waiting. B-29 Bombers land. Cloud covering airstrip on Iwo Jima - bale out, parachute coming down, bomber crash lands in sea just off beach, plane in water. Bomber lands and immediately bursts into flames - firefighting by ground crews.

02:10:34 Interior bomber and crew. Operations room as wait for returning planes. Bomber landing. Shots from front of plane as taxiing. Landing on Guam. Crew out of plane - talking to ground crews. Aircraft burning on field, injured man on stretcher. Night shots fire blazing.

02:13:44 Bombers in formation flight. Single bomber in sky - mushroom as atomic bomb explodes over Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Bombers in flight
Pacific War

220645 07:00:12 - 07:08:59 1946 SIL COL
Civilian Victims - Aftermath of Hiroshima
Woman with child on back stands before camera. CU showing burn & swelling on face. Bare breasted woman showing skin burns. 23Mar46. Woman stands and turns for camera. Man naked from waist up shows burns. Various patients with Japanese doctor & nurse showing burns & other damage. Heavy facial damage & hands. Deformation on face and hands - burns. Young boy who has lost half his hair - burns to face / ears.

220815 03:18:36 - 03:21:11 1945 SD COL&B/W
[Inside The Enola Gay]
Crew incl. Paul Tibbets outside Enola Gay on airfield. Enola in silhouette. Night preparations and propeller turns - taxies and takeoff. Aerial Iwo Jima. Enola Gay in flight. Inside cockpit; CU instruments and dials. Little Boy nuclear bomb dropped. Aircraft backs away. Hiroshima ? Nagasaki ? mushroom cloud explosion (colour).

220837 05:18:59 - 05:33:55 1946 SIL COL
Physical Damage, General View, Hiroshima 2 Reels
LS street which acted as a firebreak - rubble and burned-over area . Across the street the structure which was not affected by fire. Various buildings in various states of destruction.
LS over razed city with occasional building still standing.
Metal structure - Temma Grade School?
Tombstones in cemetery - CU red brick which has lodged under the tombstone at moment of blast.
Kikutsuji Cemetery. Teikoku Textile Factory . Higashi Police Station. Cemetery and remains of a church.
Four-bay greenhouse near main university building
Clock, whose face has almost been obscured by smoke, but whose hands mark the instant of the atom bomb detonation: 8:13.
Transformer tower. Exterior building with steel roof and interior.
Collapsed light steel frame roof and brick walls and complete destruction of combustible debris by fire. Other wrecked buildings and GVs destruction. Damaged bridge.
Remains of Japanese Field Artillery equipment located in the Japanese Military Compound of Hiroshima.
Superficially undamaged buildings.

220336 21:26:14 - 21:33:33 1940s Sd b/w
Army Air Forces - Pacific - Atomic bomb section film shrunk.
Army Air Forces contribution to victory in Pacific
Aerial views Iwo Jima. Night battle in sky. US planes on ground burning at night. Destroyed planes on Iwo Jima, corpses. US planes on airstrip after US takeover. Soldiers inside plane strafing.

21.27.56 Borneo aerial view, ground bombed.

21.28.25 Aerial view Philippines, ground bombed. Damaged Japanese air bases. Destroyed planes on ground. General MacArthur with troops into city.

220475 15:00:52 - 15:02:15 1945 SD B/W
Actual Atomic Bomb Hit On Nagasaki
Crew poses in front of plane before mission to drop Nagasaki atom bomb: Brigadier General Thomas Farrell; Commander Ashworth; pilot Major Sweeney; bombardier Captain Kermit Beahan.
B-29 takeoff and in flight. Aerials Nagasaki atom blast - many views mushroom cloud.


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