Return to the Falklands

Return to the Falklands Twenty-four years after Argentina invaded the Falkland Islands, the scars still run deep. Britain spends approximately €150 million a year defending this windy outpost.
"Argentineans have a deep obsession with the Falklands Islands. It's like the Jews with Jerusalem", explains Esteban Hubner. He's visiting the islands for the first time with Falklands veteran Sergio Delgado. But Islanders are still bitter about the invasion. "I was furious. How dare they come and invade us!" states Trudi McPhee. Previously, Argentina offered the Islanders financial incentives to recognise its sovereignty. Now it's taking a much harder line. "They're putting pressure on us in every possible way, interfering with the fisheries and flights", complains McPhee. Fortunately for her, Britain has no plans to withdraw.

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